Karoo Lamb

This morning on AgriTV, Dr Kirsten from the University of Pretoria spoke about there investigation into the potential of using the Geographic Indication (GI) approach to adding additional value to mutton products from the Karoo.


Unfortunately, Dr Krsten’s part of the information is in Afrikaans, but is mainly a general discussion of the potential of GI, which can certify that foods have certain qualities or enjoy certain reputations, due to their geographical origin. He also identified the need for work to establish whether the Karoo Lamb is really a distinct product.

The second half of the article is in English and outlines the techniques used by Christine Leighton of ARC to prove that Karoo Lamb does in fact have a unique taste. This is hypothesised to be a result of the Karoo bush the sheep graze. In fact attempts to find differences between different breeds of sheep and between sheep from different areas outside the Karoo.

I was wandering what the opportunities there are within Africa? Is anyone active with surveying the opportunities?

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