The time has come that my website is no longer relevant to what I want to do, so I need to change things and add other things to the site that will move it away from being a blog.

This is going to take time, but you will always be able to see the history and maybe a post every now and then! Maybe it will be more interesting in the end

Al Fresco lunch in Nimes in France

The photo says some of what you expect. So for those who have followed DIGIVU its not simply Food Processing but also covers food, photography, countries, innovation and stories!


The previous DIGIVU Blog is where you arrive if you enter the URL or click the Home menu item.

Amazing shows you stories I have seen on line which I find amazing. These will be informal and will range everywhere. My belief is that the content should draw you not the level of prose.

Photography will publish some of my photos and links to there places where I will be following my goal of doing something with this interest. The images will be too small to do anything other than publishing online which you are free to do. If you want larger images for other purposed contact me please.