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Mar 01 2013

Paper Taste Advertising – Single Screenshot Series


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Dec 07 2012

Steve Jobs on Whats Holds Food Processors Back

Of course that about food processors is only to get you to have a look at this.

On the other hand this approach to life can be applied to everything, including food processing. 

By the way I am a great fan of Steve Jobs and Apple devices, but not of what his company has done to the world. That a company making fun gadgets should be the most valuable company in the world and bigger than many countries of the world, needs consideration. That it makes otherwise productive people inanely make repetitive tweets/comments is sad. Worse, that these mainly get lost in the billions of others and remain unread but stored for decades!

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Dec 07 2012

Cool Drinks For The Pub

It's interesting when you think about it that there are no non alcoholic drinks especially made for consumption in an environment where many people are drinking speciality alcoholic drinks. That's so long as you leave out alcohol free beer and sparkling wine.

click the image to visit the website

So Instead of having that cream soda or coke in the bar you can try Original, Fire, Ice and Thunder in these attractive metalcised bottles. The drinks are apple based with complex dry and bitter flavours giving a sophisticated premium alternative.

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Dec 21 2011

Design Your Own Drinks – Single Screenshot Series

I previously posted on getting your chewing gum in your own customised package, but here you can create a carbonated soft drink for your own use and for sale through the manufacturing company.

Nov 05 2011

Chocolate Toothpaste – Single Screenshot Series

click the image to visit the website

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Nov 28 2010

Hybridiuslikwisfruiti Juice Launched as Desert Fantasy – Single Screen Shot Series.


from: Fast Moving
(click image for full story online)

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Oct 07 2010

Very Peculiar Chocolate – Single Screenshot Series

Marmite cooks up Very Peculiar chocolate bar - Marketing news - Marketing magazine-1.jpg

from: Marketing Magazine
(click image for full story online)

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Jun 29 2010

What else can I say – $45,000 for an X-Ray

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29 June 2010 1:25
by Alex

Marilyn Monroe Chest X-Ray Sold for $45,000

Someone must’ve really liked Marilyn Monroe – either that or chest X-ray – because they’ve shelled out $45,000 for it:

A 1954 x-ray of the stunning starlet’s chest sold at auction in Las Vegas on Sunday for a sizable $45,000. This was well above the estimated $800 to $1,200 it was expected to fetch.

The bizarre medical photograph was one of several of Monroe’s belongings that were up for bid at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino via Julien’s Auctions over the weekend.

“[The x-ray] was taken around the time she was believed to be pregnant, and rumor has it that she had a miscarriage,” President/CEO Darren Julien told the Daily News back in April.

Link (Photo: Julien’s Auctions)

Medicine auction Marilyn Monroe x-ray

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Jun 07 2010

Watch Your Tyres!

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If you are a heavy duty truck driver here is one to look out for!


photo by Dave Harcourt
(Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License)


Yes it is real – seen on the Nelspruit/Pretoria road around Belfast, near a truck stop area.


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May 26 2010

570 Years Spent Playing Google Pac-Man Logo

Here’s a story that makes you remember how big the INTERNET is! One doesn’t have to say this time is a productivity cost, there were surely cases where it had a beneficial effect.
But its still worth reflecting on just how much can be achieved by getting a small input from all those people online!
26 May 2010 5:18
by Queuebot

Google Pac-Man Costs $120,483,800 in Productivity

Google’s celebration of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary was fun, enabling people to play Pac-Man on their main search page, either as a one- or two-player game. And people certainly took advantage of the opportunity, spending approximately 4,819,352 hours on the game alone. The result is approximately $120 million in productivity lost, in one day.

Thankfully, Google tossed out the logo with pretty low “perceived affordance” – they put an “insert coin” button next to the search button, but I imagine most users missed that. In fact, I’d wager that 75% of the people who saw the logo had no idea that you could actually play it. Which the world should be thankful for.

Link – via gizmodo


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