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Garden of Flavour Juices – Interesting Foods

Is this a real product or is it a marketing man’s response to a consumer trends survey?

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So what are the claims of this juice range

Organic Cold Pressed High Pressure Processed Probiotic culture Fresh ingredients Never heated Gluten Free

Very cleverly the [...]

Fairtrade Shebeen Style?

FAIRTRADE has been a great success based on its rapid growth in turnover. There are, however questions that linger around the benefit to farmers compared to the turnover as well as other issues.

from: Shebeen (click image for full story online)

A new idea that also allows the consumer to generate income for development [...]

THINK-EAT-SAVE Food Waste Enjoying Growing Attention

I have written on Food Waste now and then as it's clearly a part of the food supply system where the world can grow food availability using existing technology.

Now a UNEP/FAO lead campaign, supported by initiatives such as WRAP, has been launched.

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Think-Eat-Save and [...]

Steve Jobs on Whats Holds Food Processors Back

Of course that about food processors is only to get you to have a look at this.

On the other hand this approach to life can be applied to everything, including food processing.

By the way I am a great fan of Steve Jobs and Apple devices, but not of what his company [...]

Ginger – Simple Online Information

This is a simple page or two of information on ginger, mainly focused on the increasing popularity of ginger containing products.

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Brewing in USA - The Small Option.

Over the next while there will probably be a number of posts showing that smaller alternatives to the multinational food companies, are where growth is happening at present. An interesting question is does this also bring the “try it quickly and fail” approach used in the computing industry to the Food Industry?

This Food Blog Viewed 60 Million Times

I would be really happy if mine was! So why not try and help me along with lots of viewing and passing along of the URL

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Trial With CFL light bulbs

There’s quite some controversy around the new low energy light bulbs. Much depends on how long the bulbs actually last. This is quite difficult as it comes down to perception because it’s not possible to measure the running time of a build in normal household operation.

So when 3 of the 4 the [...]

Cost-Effective Management Tools for Ensuring Food Quality and Safety – Free Online Information

This document entitled “Cost-effective management tools for ensuring food quality and safety”is actually the instruction manual for training designed for small and medium agroindustrial enterprises.

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The specific objectives of the course which is expected to take at least 40 hours are

Identify the characteristics and usefulness of some basic tools [...]

Design Your Own Drinks – Single Screenshot Series

I previously posted on getting your chewing gum in your own customised package, but here you can create a carbonated soft drink for your own use and for sale through the manufacturing company.