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Unbelievable What People Do

First I saw that there is a large number of people who modify/extend/copy characters from well known novels – known as Fan Fic

Screenshot 2016-04-26 20.07.00

Then found this amazing site where many Facebook agony stories are revealed to be frauds either to collect money or as victim of a mental disease.

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26 April 2016


This Magic is What Makes Craft Beer

Read this article, available by clicking the image, and you will see one thing that sets small brewers apart from the aseptic, consistent big brewers.

Spontaneous Fermentation Science Not Sorcery

click image to read the story

Imagine what the combination of Budweiser and Castle are going to do to beer!

A 65 Ton Sculpture 


Three of the 100 castings of sculpter Antony Gormley. Photo by Chris Howells in Wikipedia.[/caption]

These are 3 of 100 castings that make up the Another Place, a modern sculpture by Antony Gormley. It consists of 100 cast iron sculptures of the artist’s own body, facing towards the sea. The sculpture had been exhibited in Germany, Norway and Belgium and was about to be moved to New York, but now seems to have found a permanent home at Crosby Beach in northwestern England.

Click the image to read the Wikipedia

25 June 2015

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Biggest Yoga Session Ever

21 June 2015

Elephant beehive fence

15 June 2015

So elephants are afraid of bees – why not use this to provide a cheap simple way to keep elephants out of small farmers plots? Because its already been done by Save The Elephant!

click the image to visit the website

WOLFRAM ALPHA image recognition website seems slow to learn

15 June 2015

As you can see below the image recognition got my photos of hadeda ibis wrong. But 10 days later it hasn’t improved based on my feed back

WOLFRAM ALPHA posts an image recognition website

04 June 2015

Wolfram, Flickr and Google have all come up with broadly based image recognition offering at almost the same time.

This one by Wolfram is pretty good, managing to identify an Ibis although it made a major error identifying this herded ibis as the white (with only a black head) sacred ibis.


Wolfram’s website seems to be just for the humoring of those interested in Images and IT, although its purpose could be to grow its knowledge base. It has after all got a different identification for the bird and could take this into its knowledge base or will it query my accuracy and wait? I will follow up on this!

The offerings by Google and Flickr are applications aimed at helping the photographer categorising their images. Some of the excitement revolves around the ability to categories thousands of images and the ease of removing false positives in a search. However, in their enthusiasm the technofiles don’t yet seem to have pondered the implications of false negatives – your search will leave the images you seek unfound in the images

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