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About Myself

I am Dave Harcourt and have recently stopped full time employment. I am a chemical engineer and have worked most of my life in various food processing and brewing activities at CSIR, one of Africa’s largest research organisations.

After a life in formal employment, the last 15 of which were focused on a range of agroprocessing activities in Africa I am retiring and intend to spend some of my time contracting / working / writing / thinking in and on Agribusiness.

Starting in this area in the late eighties in South Africa resulted in a focus on small rural business as a job creation tool. However lots of blisters later I think that what all the donor activity has missed are real entrepreneurs (dedicated risk takers who push themselves forward) supplying real (big enough to sustain a business) markets.

6 comments to About Myself

  • Hi Dave

    I am looking for someone that uses a bioreactor to generate biogas and transforming it into either electricity or use it for some form of heating. Do you know of someone?


  • Hi Dave

    Nice to see that you are keeping a finger in the agri business pie! Good luck on the web venture, I will be checking regularly!



  • Larry Dolley

    Hello Dave
    Finally had a chance to check out your material. Really good stuff….I am going to include a link on our website whcih will be published shortly and then will also mail it to all our existing clients (mostly smaller food companies).
    Will keep in touch
    Agrifood Technology Station

  • Wessel Swart

    Hi Dave,

    We spoke about biodiesel in 2007. I retired but believe it or not ,went on with my research. The trick is now to put it into some form that will be acceptable to my promoters.

    Would like to hear from you.



  • Hi Dave
    You helped me with the open pan milling project some years ago. I now need help on other agroprocessing technologies please send me some contact details. My tel. 012 441 1113.

  • kgaladi

    Good day Dave,

    I need your help on mango processing i am currently working on a project for North West department doing Feasibility study on mangoes growing in that area. I would like to outsource your skills on technical feasibiliy and brainstorming on products to look at.

    Kindly give me a call to discuss further.

    Thank you
    Kgaladi Thema
    CSIR- Enterprise Creation Specialist
    012 841 2723

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