High Pressure Processing

A few days ago, I came across the first product that I have seen that was marketed on the fact that it was High Pressure Processed. The brand name of these juices is ColdPress and the fact that they are produced using High Pressure Processing (HPP) is explained on their web page. HPP is claimed to “retain the pure taste, nutrition and antioxidants of fresh fruit”.

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One of the leaders in the commercial application of this technology is Avure who claim to have supplied over a half of all the commercial HPP equipment installed in the world.

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HPP is usually run as a batch process where the material in a sealed container is placed in a pressure vessel which is filled with water and pressurized to 600 MPa (87,000 psi) for a few minutes. Avure does note that it is possible to develop semi continuous systems using bulk pasteurization and aseptic packaging. I have always been a fan of the concept of filling and sealing a bottle, before sterilising the closed unit in a fail safe way. This is what has made the in bottle pasteurisation of beer such a successful process.

What is clear is that HPP is a costly process and that the product needs to have characteristics that make the consumer able to pay the premium price.

The Avure website has some good technical information on processing as well as a white paper that addresses the less technical business and quality issues in some detail.

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