How Fair is Fairtrade Chocolate?

There seems to be an outcry in the UK, because it has come to light that chocolates labeled Fairtrade may actually contain no Fairtrade cocoa (cocoa produced by disadvantaged third world farmers) because all cocoa is mixed before distribution to manufacturers.

Millions of chocolate bars labelled Fairtrade contain none of the ethical chocolate | The Sun |News.jpg

from: The Sun
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While this may be the case and is quite disturbing, I still believe the labeling of a product as Fairtrade when only a portion (now shown to be an unknown portion) of one of the many ingredients in an organic chocolate bar allows the supplier to use the Fairtrade logo!

The ingredient list, gives cocoa butter as only the third ingredient after sugar and wheat flour for Kit Kat and sugar and milk for Dairy Milk Chocolate. So way less than one third of the ingredients are actually Fairtrade ingredients, if 20% (which is extremely optimistic) of UK cocoa were Fairtrade it would be a maximum of only 6%. So why can the bar as a whole be termed a Fairtrade Chocolate Bar?

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