Interactive Fruit Juice Processing Spreadsheet

Here is an interesting online spreadsheet.

Fruit juice -

from: Hyfoma
(click image to interact with spreadsheet online)

As well as allowing the user to remove the instrumentation of text for clarrity

Fruit juice -

the instruments shown are linked through to a brief description of the instrument and its principle of operation.

Magnetic inductive -

Interesting from the Food Processing and the INTERNET information viewpoint!

2 thoughts on “Interactive Fruit Juice Processing Spreadsheet

  1. Ibrahim

    Dear Sir
    I am looking for a fruit juice and drinking water processing plant for exporting in Cameroon. Can you help
    Thanking you in advance

  2. admin Post author

    I would suggest you contact one of the suppliers of which there are many, including the multinationals like Tetrapak, Alfa Laval, GEA. A few local South African companies that might be able to help are:

    .H.G. Molenaar; Tel +27 (0)21 868 2210; Fax +27 (0)21 868 2209;;
    .Henry S Komar & Associates; Tel +27 (0)11 760-2718; Fax +27 (0)11 760-1079;;
    .LHL Engineering (Pty) Ltd; Tel +27 (0)31 705 5856; Fax +27 (0)31 705 5860;
    .John F Marshall (A Division of Vera Cruz); Tel +27 (11) 842 7100; Fax: +27 (11) 622 8074;; http://WWW.VERACRUZ.CO.ZA (JOHN F MARSHALL)

    Just a tip – before you contact these manufacturers you need to have it clear in your mind what it is you want to do. In particular which fruits, which juices and how much would you want to produce in a year.

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