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There are a number of articles focussing on new processes at, that make interesting reading.

Food Processing.jpg

While these articles are interesting its also worth your while to bookmark this site, subscribe to its feeds and even join up for their monthly electronic journal – all for free!

The Future of Food Processing: Mixing at the Speed of Sound

The Future of Food Processing: A New Way of Dehydrating

The Future of Food Processing: High Pressure Beats the Heat
Food processes promise greener processing, cleaner labels and higher-quality food

Turning up the heat in thermal processing

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  • For Michigan-While I admit that pasties are a food unqiue to the UP (and have migrated their way under the bridge), I think we are more famous for Cherry Pie. The Northwest lower penninsula has an abudance of orchards and there is the Traverse City Pie Company.Kalamazoo used to be a huge celery growing region .St. Johns is the mint capital of the world, producing the most mint flavoring.

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