Business Manual – Small-scale Root Crops and Tubers Processing and Products

The UNIDO manual on Small-scale Root Crops and Tubers
Processing and Products is in the same series as other manuals prepared for UNIDO by Peter Fellows, including Small-scale Cereal Milling and Bakery Products



from: UNIDO
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Like the Milling Manual this not just a textbook explanation of tubers and their processing – it comprehensively covers the real and practical issues that need to be addressed to establish and sustain a food processing business. The following are covered in detail-

    • building and site requirements
    • production planning
    • practical checklists ensuring the entrepreneur covers everything
    • practical information on processing loss
    • worked calculations on technical and financial issues
    • practical rules supporting the hygiene message
    • process flowsheets defining manufacturing processes
    • photographs illustrating the text
    • practical checklists supporting trouble shooting

This is a really practical book that would serve any entrepreneur entering the market well. I will help him/her to be sure they have covered all the important aspects.

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