Biofuels From Waste

With the increasing pressures on the production of biofuels from foods (ethanol from maize and biodiesel from edible oil) there is an increasing call for the production of biofuels from waste.

The Energy Challenge - Gassing Up With Garbage - Series -

from: New York Times
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This above article in the New York Times notes that there are almost thirty plants in the implementation phase. However, it notes that none have succeeded and that most are looking for significant subsidies and grant funding to become viable, even with the vastly increased oil price.

It quotes Nobel Physics Lauriate, Steven Chu, as saying

We desperately need it, and I personally think it’s not there yet

You have to look at starts with a grain of salt, especially starts where they say, ‘It’s around the corner, and by the way, can you pay half the bill?’

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